Upgrade your Instagram's link in bio and automate your followup process to get more clients.

Using our professional website and emails you can achieve a smart link in bio strategy that automates your followup process so you can generate more new clients.

Learn more about how the Bio Links Strategy can increase your conversions.

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What You Get

Benefits Included in Your Membership

Link In Bio Website

Receive a website that is strategically designed to increase your conversions from your Instagram’s link in bio.

Email Funnel

Automate your marketing efforts with a series of professionally written emails designed to increase engagement.

Lifestyle Blog

Bring your followers off Instagram and onto your own strategic blog that will improve your engagement with your followers.

Custom Branding

Upload your own Bio, Photo, Logo, Instagram handle, etc.

Your Link In Bio website is simple and personalized in a powerful way.

Smart Quiz Forms

Work with me, Join My Team, Contact Form, E-commerce, Learn Social Media, Learn to Trade, Watch MM video and Team Application Form.

Eight smart forms
to streamline your new client process

Live Chat Support

Instantly chat with our team of experts via live chat and let us fine-tune or update any details on your website or email funnel.

The Follow Up Is Key

The key to generating more clients is to keep following up. With our autoresponder, you can scale for growth!

When your visitors fill out any form on your website they will be automatically enrolled in a multiple day email sequence designed to provide value and convert.

How It Works

Successful Campaigns Launched Step-by-Step

Step 1: Provide Info

Provide us with your name, photo, email, personal refferal link and your Instagram username so we can launch your site.

Step 2: Wait 24 Hours

Our team is hard at work for you. Your website and email funnel will be live in 24 hours or less. The average wait time is 3-6 hours.

Step 3: Update Your Instagram

With your new website and email funnel ready, Now it is time to update the link in your bio.

Your Bio Links Purchase Includes

The Followings Assets & Capabilities
A personalized and professional link in bio website that is strategically designed to generate more clients.
An Autoresponder Email Funnel (28 professionally written emails that are automatically sent to your subscribers after they fill out any form)
A lifestyle blog that promotes you and showcases your journey so you can increase engagement with your followers and rank on google
Pages included with your
link in bio website
Emails included with your autoresponder email funnel

Pricing Options

Select Your Membership Level

STANDARDMost Popular$27.99

  • Link In Bio Marketing Website
    (Website Launched in 24 Hours or Less)
  • Dedicated Support Team
    (Everything Done-For-You | No Headaches)
  • Custom Style & Branding
    (Use Your Own Logo / Colors / Bio / Video )
  • Collect Contact Information with Smart Forms
    (Custom Web Forms on your website)
  • Email notification for each lead
    (Receive an email when you get a new lead)
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PROFESSIONALMembership Level$37.99

  • Link In Bio  Marketing Website
    (Website Launched in 24 Hours or Less)
  • Dedicated Support Team
    (Everything Done-For-You | No Headaches)
  • Custom Style & Branding
    (Use Your Own Logo / Colors / Bio / Video )
  • Collect Contact Information with Smart Forms
    (Custom Web Forms on your website)
  • Email notification for each lead
    (Receive an email when you get a new lead)
  • Lifestyle Blog
    (Ready for Launch)
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Frequently Asked Questions
  • How do I Add/Delete or Edit Blogs on my website?

    Once your website is live your Client Success Manager will send you an email with details on how to login to WordPress.com to manage the blogs shown on your website.

  • How does the Mass Marketing via SMS feature work?

    We work in partnership with the leading SMS Marketing Service Provider in the Industry. To get started you will need to Create an Account with TextLine and then just submit a request to our support team to have the SMS Mass Marketing Feature activated on your website.

  • Can I change my domain after my website is live?

    Yes, we can change the domain associated with your website but there is a $15 fee every time you request a change.

  • Do I need a lifestyle blog?

    If you have over 10K Instagram followers you definitely should have a lifestyle blog to improve the engagement with your Instagram followers.

    Ideally, you should write at least 2-5 post on your blog per month but you can do much much more.

    The Strategy is to tell your Instagram followers to SWIPE UP on your stories and read each new blog post. In each blog post, you can have content including videos and you should always include a clear “call-to-action” that ultimately generates more clients.

  • What is the refund policy?

    You have to take enough risks in life, this shouldn’t be one of them. Try this out for 30 days on us and if you aren’t happy just send us an email and we’ll refund your entire purchase – no questions asked.

  • How many pages will I receive?

    You will receive one(1) link in bio website such as ( jointoday.net/janedoe ). In your website, you will have 7 pages/sections that are strategically designed to improve your Monat network marketing efforts.

    1. Link Tree Landing Page
    2. Welcome Page & Personal Bio Section
    3. Beauty Quiz Form (smart 2-step process)
    4. Virtual Franchise Application Form
    5. Monat Product Facts & Benefits
    6. Claim your Free Samples Section
    7. Lifestyle Blog Post Page
  • Can I use my own domain?

    Yes, if you have your own domain we can apply that to your website and email funnel.

  • How can I see my leads?

    You will receive instant email notifications for every person that fills out any form on your website. Additionally we can also provide you access to all your leads contact information via a google spreadsheet that is automatically updated every time someone fills out a form.

  • When will my website and email funnel be ready?

    You can expect to receive your live website and email funnel within 24 hours. Our client’s average wait time is 3-6 hours.

  • What is an Email Funnel or Autoresponder?

    An Email Funnel which is also known as an autoresponder email campaign is a series of emails that get sent on a day by day drip to your subscribers. These emails are strategically written to increase engagement and ultimately generate more conversions.

  • What do I need to launch my link in bio website?

    All you need is to be a Monat Market Partner and have an Instagram Account.

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